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Angel in the Train

Dedicated to MRK, my friend for reminding me what compassion is!
We were a team of twenty, awaiting our return train to Bangalore that evening from Dandeli. The past couple of days were amidst the lush green habitat Mother Nature offered us at one of the blessed terrains in North Karnataka. It was drizzling by the time we reached the station and soon it gave way to the typical downpour that blanket the tropical rain forest region of that part of the world. A few guys among the group had made arrangements for the dinner. The stray dogs on the platform looked at us yearningly for the remains of the hot biriyani we devoured.
The wait didn't seem to be endless with my fiancée on the phone who was patiently listening to all the experiences and adventures in the jungle. Soon, the rails at the far end of the station twinkled with the powerful light from the locomotive. The train stopped at the station with a shrilling cry, probably annoyed with the cold weather it had to endure. Though th…

After all it is their life

Getting married is one experience in your life during which you feel all possible emotions overflowing unlike anything before. You prepare yourself for the mental, emotional and physical presence of a new person in your life. The games played by your mind during this period is nothing but diabolic! At times you feel elated, at times totally question your decision and yet other times you are driven nuts by a variety of thoughts and concerns that run through your mind like in a sprint.
Invariably you turn to your friends and relatives for solace and many will offer a lot. Some will have the traditional wisdom and some the craziest and most bizarre of all ideas you would ever get in this world! This is a boon and a curse at the same time. You'll get so much of information about almost every other aspect of life, some you may not even utilize ever! Yet, you look forward to listen to them and see if it helps in any possible way.
Invitations will duly be sent to all these relatives and…

Love as much as you can cos…

She is one of the most loved among the cousins in my family and I distinctly remember mom being greatly affectionate about her and almost gave her the title of daughter of the family. An elder sister she was, in all respects. The one who had no qualms about giving you a whack when you were wrong and then hold you close to her and wipe off your tears that roll down your cheeks all the while telling you how much she loves you!

There was an instance when I literally walked out of her home for being scolded for some silly matter. To my surprise she didn't call me back though I was expecting her to do so. Nevertheless I did walk back and all she had to do was look at me and I broke down. I cried till my tear glands seem to have dried up, but she was the one who made me realize that day, the value of togetherness.

All this and more were destined to be part of someone else's life when she married a man whom I thought was the simplest of the guys I've ever met. My brother-in-law […

The Garden of Gods

Ever wondered what the connection is between leadership and a mythological, wish-fulfilling divine tree which finds a mentioning in the Rig Veda? Along with the Kamadhenu, or 'wish-giving cow', the Kalpavriksha originated during the Samudra manthan or "churning of the milk ocean", and the King of the gods, Indra returned with it to his paradise. While there is no attested Sanskrit source conclusively identifying this mythological tree with any real, known tree, Kalpavriksha can figuratively refer to a source of bounty because of its ability to amply provide for human needs. [Source: Wikipedia]
Let me take you to a beautiful garden in the Himalayas where the Gods have made a comfortable abode among the snow-clad peaks. Though there are no organized tours, people from across the world do flock-in and appreciate the lush green garden which by itself is a contrast among the white snow seen all around. The tourists tread across the vast expanse of the garden amidst the mi…

When I told the Indian High Commissioner to go away!

A not so small question-mark with a bright halo formed right above my head when I got a call from Dats, my boss, one fine morning. He wanted me to come down to Phase 1 to Faculty room immediately! Though it had been two years after I passed out of college, this suddenly reminded me of the many occasions such calls came from professors in my department. Imagine my plight when Dats added the statement that Subroto wanted to meet me! My first ever personal encounter with the man who made MindTree!

It turned out to be a very interesting request from Subroto which I grabbed even before giving him an option to think again. The Indian High Commissioner to Malaysia was visiting West Campus along with his family and Subroto wanted me to give them a Campus-tour. He also told me about a leadership session he'll be involved in, till 5 PM and wanted me to bring the High Commissioner and family to him sharp at 5. I was all thrilled and made the necessary arrangements to welcome the high profile…

When I first realized…

I was watching some TV show on a lazy Saturday morning, sitting on my couch at the hotel where I've been staying for a month now. Being abroad has its own good and bad sides as you could possibly think about anything else in life too. WalMart showed up in between with a very emotional ad featuring a mom helping her son set up his hostel room and letting him be his own soon after. It was pretty obvious that it was his first time away from home!
Isn't it kind of interesting the way your mind switches between the present and past? I must say, it didn't even take a fraction of a second for my mind to do that! It took me back to that courtyard right in front of my hostel room in Coimbatore. That was the very first time for me too. Needless to say my dad and mom were with me. I was concerned, so were they. Its not that I can't be away, but just that the first times are always difficult. The very thought that your kid is gonna be away from home must've been painful for th…

A Journey of Thousand Clicks!

I need to mention a bit about the late 80’s before I jump into what this ‘journey’ is all about. The time when I grew up as a kid. A couple of uncles and aunts of mine who are settled in the US, visited our home once a year, especially since we live in the ancestral home with our grandpa.
Their visits were always special since there was an aura to it. Other than being able to meet them, there was this thought that, they came from a place on the globe known as the ‘Land of Dreams’! It was even more interesting for me since these visits gave me an opportunity to go to the airport to pick up and later drop them back on their return. I guess my fascination towards anything to do with aircrafts started with these trips. Then of course, there always was those eager moments of opening of the huge travel bags which contained variety of unique things we get to see only once in a year!
All these experiences, I must say, created an out-of-the-world image about this place called The United States …
Coorg Reloaded!

Genre: Multi-day trip Bangalore to Coorg: Drive down – One of our friends’ Scorpio Route: Bangalore – Srirangapatnam [via Mysore Road] - Hunsur [SH88] - Madikeri
Duration: 6 hours by Scropio


We stayed at WindCrest, a cottage on top of a beautiful hill which gets blanketed by the mist especially in the evenings, the kind you’ll see only in your dreams! The owner stays in a lovely cottage on the hill itself. There are two other cottages, one half-way down the valley and one almost in the valley. First one can accommodate 8 people and the second one probably 5. It is a standard 24 hours check out. Check the link for details.

We were 7 and took the first one. Rate was Rs 8000/- including two complimentary breakfasts. They’ll arrange for a camp fire on request with no extra amount. You can probably tip the guy who arranges it if you wish [I’m sure you will!].

A walk around the hill is one of the best recipes perhaps for almost every sort of people. Whether you bad…

Aboard a Dredger!

Genre: Out-of-the-world!

Duration: 3 hours

Some Facts/Details Name of the Dredger: Nehru-Shatabdi Home Port: Kochi Specifics: Grab Hopper - 1992 built with 1500 m3 hopper capacity
The Process
The 4 cranes on the ship operate simultaneously carrying out the dredging process. The clam shell grab of the onboard cranes splashes itself into the water and collects the silt and other seabed material. It then majestically rises from the water with the catch which is nothing but a bucket full of dirt! It is a sight worth seeing!!! This is deposited into the large tank, called hopper, with a heavy mesh on top to block larger objects.

The process continues for almost 2 hours and once the tank is full to the level it should, the anchors are lifted and we’re game for one of the most memorable journeys! The ship travels to the outer sea in order to deposit the collected silt there. The entire sea-line of Kochi unveils itself in front of our eyes while we’re on our way! Goshree Bridge that enhanced the c…

Backwaters - A slice of God's own Country!

Boat Trip from Changanacherry to Alappuzha [Dec 2008]

One of the activities during my X’mas vacation 2008, was a boat trip to Alappuzha from Changanacherry [my home town]. Sharing some details herewith… If you are expecting another bunch of pictures of a ‘house boat’ you are in for a surprise!

Genre: Half-day trip

Changanacherry – A small town in Kottayam district in Kerala
Alappuzha – The district in Kerala known as Venice of the East

Boat Service from Changanacherry Boat Jetty
Departure – 7:30, 13:00, 16:30

Duration – 2 hours 30 minutes

Some Facts/Details
This is not one of the exotic ‘House Boat’ experiences you would’ve heard!
The boat is owned by Kerala Water Transport Corporation and can be equated to buses which form part of the land transport. In places where backwaters are plenty, water is a pretty common mode of transport
The boat will take you through one of the most beautiful stretches of Kerala, the backwaters. This essentially is the route which any House Boat will take you …