Saturday, January 17, 2009

Backwaters - A slice of God's own Country!

Boat Trip from Changanacherry to Alappuzha [Dec 2008]

One of the activities during my X’mas vacation 2008, was a boat trip to Alappuzha from Changanacherry [my home town]. Sharing some details herewith… If you are expecting another bunch of pictures of a ‘house boat’ you are in for a surprise!

Genre: Half-day trip

Changanacherry – A small town in Kottayam district in Kerala
Alappuzha – The district in Kerala known as Venice of the East

Boat Service from Changanacherry Boat Jetty
Departure – 7:30, 13:00, 16:30

Duration – 2 hours 30 minutes

Some Facts/Details
This is not one of the exotic ‘House Boat’ experiences you would’ve heard!
The boat is owned by Kerala Water Transport Corporation and can be equated to buses which form part of the land transport. In places where backwaters are plenty, water is a pretty common mode of transport
The boat will take you through one of the most beautiful stretches of Kerala, the backwaters. This essentially is the route which any House Boat will take you through. Of course, this will be no frills :)
Both Changanacherry and Alappuzha are well connected with land with frequent bus services. You could reach out to other parts of Kerala from any of these Bus Stands managed by KSRTC [Kerala State Road Transport Corporation]
If you are looking for a private time with your family, this is not an option. But, if you are looking at an experience of economy travel as well as to know how people live and commute at these places, this is worth a try!

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  1. Welcome Jerry! :)
    so i get to be the first one to comment on ur blog! - should i consider that as an honour? depends on how u continue rite?... make me proud! :)

    The start is good!

    N don't just stop with your travel experiences.

  2. Thanks a lot Tony! As of now I've planned it to be a travel specifc blog, and have defined Trexperiences as Travel/Trek+Experiences. Maybe later when I add on other stuff, I'll say Trick+Experiences :)

    Rahul: Thank you so much! :)

  3. This reminded me of the small trip I'd enjoyed in the back waters of God's Own Country...
    Thanks a lot..


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