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The Last Turn

He was waiting at a signal couple of blocks away from home when the phone rang. The lovely face of his sweetheart showed up on the mobile screen. The signal was still red and he quickly answered the call enabling the speaker mode.
“Where have you reached?” “Almost there”. “Hey listen, mom had called and she reminded about the insurance premium payment.” “Oh yeah, I totally forgot! We never got around the plan to double the premium to make the policy better. Something or other keeps coming in between and we keep pushing this out. Let us do it at least this time”.
The signal had turned green and he was a bit late to realize that. A couple of honks from behind and he took the car ahead.
“Just a minute, let me cross the signal. You know the traffic is getting crazy off late. The city was much better a couple of years back.” “Be careful!” “Of course sweetheart, don’t you know I care for you and our little one?” “That I do, but I’ve always told you not to speak on the phone while you drive”. “Oh th…

The New Year Lesson!

Article for Bethlehem Matrimonial - Feb 2015
New Year this time was spent at a friend’s place. Alex and Nisha were one of the most interesting couple friends we’ve ever met. While we were there, Nisha had a deep craving for her favourite dish which contains an ingredient her doctor had earlier advised to avoid. She very well knew this, but her urge to have this item was so intense that she put her foot down and said there is no other way but to get her that. For sure Alex knew this is not the right thing to do and hence he strongly objected her desire. Alex also reminded her how important it was to follow the doctor’s advice especially on the food intake since the doctor knew what was best for her.
The argument went on for a while. Sparks of disagreement filled the air. The house was witnessing a calamity in formation. On one side there was this deep rooted desire to have a simple food item and on the other side, stood like a rock, the strict medical advice to avoid such an item. It was…