Friday, February 20, 2015

The Last Turn

He was waiting at a signal couple of blocks away from home when the phone rang. The lovely face of his sweetheart showed up on the mobile screen. The signal was still red and he quickly answered the call enabling the speaker mode.

“Where have you reached?”
“Almost there”.
“Hey listen, mom had called and she reminded about the insurance premium payment.”
“Oh yeah, I totally forgot! We never got around the plan to double the premium to make the policy better. Something or other keeps coming in between and we keep pushing this out. Let us do it at least this time”.

The signal had turned green and he was a bit late to realize that. A couple of honks from behind and he took the car ahead.

“Just a minute, let me cross the signal. You know the traffic is getting crazy off late. The city was much better a couple of years back.”
“Be careful!”
“Of course sweetheart, don’t you know I care for you and our little one?”
“That I do, but I’ve always told you not to speak on the phone while you drive”.
“Oh that’s alright, I’m on speakers. But I guess I’m running out of battery”.
“Hmm... Btw, Junior had a great day at school! He could identify the pictures of all the animals shown. Our son is a smart cookie, isn’t it?”
“Absolutely! Where’s the little rascal? Give the phone to him”.
“Papa Papa, where are you? Guess what, I got a prize in school today!”
“Great news son! Proud of you! Papa will be home soon and will have a surprise for you! Now give the phone to mom”.
“Hey, I’m almost there. Do I need to buy anything today?”
“Nope. You just come home. Where are you now?”
“I’m nearing the last turn”.

She got out to the balcony along with the tiny one and could see his car coming.

“Hey we see the car Papa!”

“Oh yeah, I can see you as well standing there at the balcony. I’ll be home in a...”

What he didn’t see was the huge truck taking a reverse that got in his way. He was at the last turn at a speed of 60 Mph and had his eyes fixed on the balcony waving at his sweetheart and the little one.

The mobile screen still showed her face, though now it was coloured all red! The last thing he heard was a familiar voice of the RJ from the FM station.

“Please don’t use your mobile phone while driving”.

The phone went dead.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The New Year Lesson!

Article for Bethlehem Matrimonial - Feb 2015

New Year this time was spent at a friend’s place. Alex and Nisha were one of the most interesting couple friends we’ve ever met. While we were there, Nisha had a deep craving for her favourite dish which contains an ingredient her doctor had earlier advised to avoid. She very well knew this, but her urge to have this item was so intense that she put her foot down and said there is no other way but to get her that. For sure Alex knew this is not the right thing to do and hence he strongly objected her desire. Alex also reminded her how important it was to follow the doctor’s advice especially on the food intake since the doctor knew what was best for her.

The argument went on for a while. Sparks of disagreement filled the air. The house was witnessing a calamity in formation. On one side there was this deep rooted desire to have a simple food item and on the other side, stood like a rock, the strict medical advice to avoid such an item. It was quite a tensed atmosphere for a while and it almost felt like the New Year fireworks started a bit too early!

When everything seems to be falling apart, just like Newton got hit with an apple, an idea struck Nisha! Why not ask for a customized dish without the unsafe ingredient?! Strange enough, among the barrage of arguments this simple solution never occurred in any of our minds. It was the perfect thing to do and if this was known earlier, the entire argument could have been very well avoided. Then again, certain things are designed to happen in a specific way and happen it will, just that way!

New Year taught us a very important lesson. It is quite natural to have a longing for many things in life. Some of these may be permitted while others may be strictly out of bounds. Before even you wage a war against a loved one for denying you an item that is not permitted it is good to think why they say so. It is not out of any vicarious pleasure that a dear one says no to you for something that is clearly considered unsafe for you and your family. Many a times certain hard decisions are taken keeping in mind the future of your togetherness. This could be true with anything in life. This could range from a simple act of having a specific dish to a most complex investment you make as a family. Apply your brain before your heart, in such instances.

The other thing we were reminded was, how essential it is not to react in such a situation. It is absolutely important not to belittle the desire since it is quite human to have such needs and to fulfil them as well. The moment both the parties decide to react, the situation may really get out of hand and lead to further consequences rather than trying to resolve the issue together.

A bigger point that surfaced based on our New Year experience is the fact that we should always think of alternatives. Not all problems may have ready solutions. On the other hand, a problem need not only have a single solution. There could be many alternatives which you may not see while you are busy arguing why something should be or should not be done. While it is easy to say, it makes a lot of difference to keep an open mind and think if there is a different way to achieve a solution to your problem. Finding alternatives is an art by itself. It has a science as well built into it. Again, give your emotions a bit of rest, tell your heart to take a break and bring your brains to work a little bit extra so that the logic takes precedence than trivial sentiments.

Last but not the least; it takes a lot of effort to keep aside ones ego and to say ‘sorry’. When someone does that, learn to appreciate it rather than adding fuel to the fire. A genuine smile and an affectionate hug is all that may be required to bring an end to your difference. At the end of the day, what should win is love. Your love for each other has got no substitute. You’ve sworn in front of the Mighty One to hold those hands together in any circumstance whatsoever, to love and live forever.

May the good God help you apply your brains when required and let your hearts be at peace with the feeling of mutual love! God bless you all! 

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