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The Question

Shortly after I reached office one morning, I messaged my wife asking if she had her breakfast. I wanted to ensure that she does not delay it like she often does. I had to resort to a quick message since I was getting into a meeting which went on for more than an hour. By the time I came out of the meeting and could call her it was almost 11:00 AM.  She picked up the call and knew that I was going to ask the same question that I do every other morning. Even before I could put the question forward she promptly came up with a statement that she fed our little one and was about to have her breakfast. I tried a different strategy today and so instead of asking her to be regular with breakfast and all sorts of advice, I thought about a simile and started off like this… “Sweetheart, do you remember the road rollers we had back in our home town? Not the recent ones but the really old ones which were quite tall and gigantic in stature.” “Yes, of course!” she said. I continued, “These huge machi…

Journey of a Coke can

Do you remember the case of the missing Coke Can in MyCoke My Pain? That little kid who lost his first ever Coke can before he could even take a second sip had always wondered where that can went. What would’ve happened to that little red aluminium wonder on that fateful day of his life?He left the can in the briefing room of a ship as it was too cold and on return found out to his dismay that the wonderful gift he received only a few minutes back was no longer to be seen!

If you are also wondering what happened to the Coke can that day and the emotions it went through from that moment onwards let me invite you to embark on the journey of the Coke can… The Coke can sat there on the table with a heavy heart trying to understand what just happened. He was quite happy a moment ago with the kid who was all excited to see a can for the first time in his life. The next moment the can was left in company of lots of unanswered questions. The can was totally annoyed with the sailor who took him…