Friday, May 8, 2015

The Complete Couple

Article for Bethlehem Matrimonial - May 2015

Have you seen people admiring a couple and making this cliche statement, "What a perfect couple?! Made for each other!" I have always wondered what does it really mean. Is there really something called a 'perfect couple'? Isn't it a dream that we always see in some of the less realistic movies? Here's what I figured out.

We see a lot of couples around us daily. We start seeing them right from our family, among friends, at work, outside work and all around us. Two individuals who decide to come together to be a couple and thereby form a family may have many things in common. It is equally important to notice that the uncommon ones quite often override the common elements in their nature. How is it still that some of these couples get certified as perfect?

The best thing to realize when you look at one of these perfect couples is that these two human beings are created by God just like each one of us. They were born in two different families, grew up in their own distinct backgrounds, have their individual views about everything around them and finally were joined as part of a Divine plan. These people were not born immaculate and continue to be imperfect. They make mistakes, they get restless, they fight and in the middle of all these they lead their lives, together.

What differentiates these regular-looking couple from the rest of the world is that they figure out a huge fact about themselves. They know they are incomplete individually, but together they make a Complete Couple! They know each one has got areas they are weak at, all the while realizing the strengths of their partners. This insight is one of the most powerful gifts in the life of any couple! It is no secret that most of the couples could discover this, soon after they begin their life together. The key here is how they make use of what they have learned about their better halves.

Remember learning about metamorphosis back in school? This is the magical process by which an insignificant pupa transforms itself to a beautiful butterfly! This colorful creation of God does not even realize what happens to it over the period of time. All what it does is wait patiently and let the nature take its course. Any impatience will lead to a disaster resulting in a deformed creation. Every 'perfect couple' goes through such a transformation as well.

The moment you decide to make the positives of each other work for your benefit, you transform yourself to a magical couple. Identify the areas where each one is weak and strong. If you are strong in one area ensure that you own it up thereby complimenting the weakness of the other. You could be strong in handling finance whereas your partner may have a unique acumen for planning out things. You may have an amazing eye for detail but your partner may be totally an artistic person.

Whatever unique characters you both are, it is important that you extract the power of your combination to the benefit of the family. Always remember to never let the other one down citing a weakness. Reassure your better half during moments of doubt that you are on a journey together. Tell your partner that you are there to share the load and that's how you fulfill your wedding vows.

May the good God help you realize the power within you to transform yourself as a perfect couple! May the world around now start looking at you and exclaim, "Look at them! There goes a Complete Couple!"

God bless you! 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Guerrillas around us! - Malayalam Translation

The Malayalam translation of the article Guerrillas around us! - On a special request from a subscriber of Bethlehem Matrimonial Magazine - May 2015  

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