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The Complete Couple

Article for Bethlehem Matrimonial - May 2015
Have you seen people admiring a couple and making this cliche statement, "What a perfect couple?! Made for each other!" I have always wondered what does it really mean. Is there really something called a 'perfect couple'? Isn't it a dream that we always see in some of the less realistic movies? Here's what I figured out.
We see a lot of couples around us daily. We start seeing them right from our family, among friends, at work, outside work and all around us. Two individuals who decide to come together to be a couple and thereby form a family may have many things in common. It is equally important to notice that the uncommon ones quite often override the common elements in their nature. How is it still that some of these couples get certified as perfect?
The best thing to realize when you look at one of these perfect couples is that these two human beings are created by God just like each one of us. They were born in…

Guerrillas around us! - Malayalam Translation

The Malayalam translation of the article Guerrillas around us! - On a special request from a subscriber of Bethlehem Matrimonial Magazine - May 2015