Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Past You Lost

Article for Bethlehem Matrimonial - Oct 2014

Have you ever asked yourself these questions, “Wish I didn’t waste time over that silly argument!” or “Wish we had used that time better!” This is a late realization many of us have when we look back at the timeline of our life. The situation is especially true with married couples after a few years into their marriage. Every couple goes through certain amount of disagreement as they get to know each other better. What we do not realize then,is how pointless these disagreements are though a few would argue that these are part of the evolution as a couple.

The fact remains that the time we wasted with such disagreements, muted days and continuous fights are all part of the past that we lost. Those days will never come back and there is no merit in asking those initial questions since there is nothing you can do about it now. What is important is that you see how you would love to shape up your future and learn to avoid the wastage of time today.

We all go through our cycle of changes right from the moment we say “I do”. The single status gives way to being married and individual decisions are no longer the way forward. Two brains which used to have different styles of thinking are expected to start thinking together for a common objective. It is obvious to have differences in the way these brains work resulting in natural friction before the decisions are reached in a smooth manner.

These indifferences are quite usual and to reach a quick agreement over them is not the most normal thing to happen. This is bound to result in certain amount of time lost in these arguments and the likes of such disagreements. Couples being different have their own different ways of dealing with such situations. A few may have days of silence between them whereas a few others live a subdued life till they reach the moment of realization. Yet another reaction could be to have prolonged fights over the same topic. All these have one thing in common.Our precious time today is lost in all these actions.

When a couple lives in disagreement they forget about the most important investment they were supposed to do. Investing in the time today, for a better tomorrow! All the time that is lived in the days of conflict is an investment opportunity that is lost which you’ll never get back. There is absolutely no point in realizing this fact in future and brooding over that lost opportunity. What is clearly better is to ensure that you utilize the time properly so that you will not end up thinking you have lost your days in the past. 

Let this realization come to you quite early so that you remember this during every cycle in your life. If you’ve already lost some of your past you could at least start thinking now so as to save your future losses. May the good God bless you with the providence required to identify those moments that may possibly lead to a lost past. May you be gifted with the competence to overcome these difficulties for a better future!

A prayer that will certainly help you achieve this is The Serenity Prayer. Here it is again to help you achieve this. May God bless you!

The Serenity Prayer
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fox & Hen

There once lived a fox and a hen. They were naturally not best of the friends. Once the hen was coming back after a stroll and was extremely hungry. Fox and his family lived on the way to her home which was still quite far. It was the only house in the vicinity whom the hen could ask for food. Hunger overtook the emotion of fear and the hen was brave enough to ask fox to save her life by giving some food. The fox though was surprised initially, offered her food and even packed some for her to have on the way back home. The hen was really happy and shouted to the world the good deed of the fox. By the time she reached back home, the word got spread. The hen was taken aback to see a company of enraged seniors back home who looked thoroughly annoyed. They were so irritated that they demanded an explanation from the hen for having the food at the house of the fox, all the while knowing very well that without that food she would’ve been dead by now. The verdict soon followed. The hen was the official spokesperson for the family. She was to relinquish that title followed by a promise that she’ll rather die than having food from an enemy and praise him for the act of kindness.

Moral of the story: Never praise your enemy even if he did a good deed, especially in certain walks of life! 

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