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Palace of Junk!

Article for Bethlehem Matrimonial - June 2016

Alex and Nisha had invited some of their close friends for a party at home. They ensured that the house was neat and clean before the guests arrived. Every nook and corner of the house was made to look pretty for the party. Their friends arrived and the hosts were quite happy to get compliments about their beautiful house and how well maintained it is!
In between the party one of the guests wanted some ice cubes. Being quite close to the family he went directly to the kitchen to get it from the fridge. The moment he opened the fridge he almost let out a scream. The sight that welcomed him almost made him faint. The refrigerator had food stuff that was days or even weeks old and some of them even had developed fungus around it! The smell that came out of the fridge due to this stale food was unbearable too.
He spoke to Alex about this and they decided to clean up the fridge right away. They looked for a vessel to get the stuff out to trash it…