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Arise Lady Justice!

Wikipedia says a ‘minor’ is a person under a certain age which legally demarcates childhood from adulthood. A lot of fond memories come back to my mind when I think about the term childhood. It was a time when I knew much lesser about the world and even lesser about the vices in it. Childhood is synonymous to innocence. Childhood is when you take your first steps in this big bad world and learn to face the inevitable destiny.
A child makes mistakes and most of them are out of ignorance. It is up to the elders to correct on time so that he understands his mistake. These mistakes usually do not hurt anyone. But when it does and when the child receives a warning, that’s when it gets ingrained in his brain cells that he was wrong and what he did was not to be repeated. Conscience gets developed thus.
It is through a series of these learning that a human being walks through his childhood into adulthood with a sense of right and wrong. The mistakes while being a child is dealt with certain …

The White Devil!

This is a sequel to my experience with one of the wonders of nature, the snow, while I was in London for an assignment. If you’ve not read that before, I suggest you read ‘The White Wonder’first. It was almost a month since I reached Thame. Finally the day has arrived for me to say goodbye to the little town that was sleeping like a baby under the thick white blanket of snow. My bags were all packed and the taxi was arranged well in advance. I had asked Atif to keep my bills ready so that I can check out as soon as the taxi arrives. He was the Pakistani receptionist, who by then had become a good friend of mine with all the playing in snow which brought out the child within both of us. The flight was late in the evening at 20:00 hours and I was planning to visit two of my dearest friends first before heading to the airport. Though there was a snow prediction in the news yesterday I was positive about reaching the airport if I started well in advance and catch the flight home and hence …

The White Wonder!

Belonging to a part of the world where the average temperature stays at 30 degree Celsius [86 F], the possibility of seeing and playing in snow always remained a dream. It took almost three decades of my life before an opportunity came up to experience this white colored wonder from Mother Nature!

My second assignment abroad for a project took me to the erstwhile imperial capital of the world, London. In fact the place where I was to spend the next one month of my life was about forty minutes’ drive from London. It was a small town called Thame besides the motorway M40 which connects London with Birmingham.

The client was Travelodge, the second largest budget hotel chain in the UK and Ireland. I was staying at one of their hotels itself which was a stone’s throw away from the office of Travelodge. The day I reached London was one of the saddest days of my life since I was away from my darling wife on the day of our first wedding anniversary! I stepped out of the taxi driven by a Punjab…