Friday, January 30, 2009

Aboard a Dredger!

Genre: Out-of-the-world!

Duration: 3 hours

Some Facts/Details
Name of the Dredger: Nehru-Shatabdi
Home Port: Kochi
Specifics: Grab Hopper - 1992 built with 1500 m3 hopper capacity

The Process
The 4 cranes on the ship operate simultaneously carrying out the dredging process. The clam shell grab of the onboard cranes splashes itself into the water and collects the silt and other seabed material. It then majestically rises from the water with the catch which is nothing but a bucket full of dirt! It is a sight worth seeing!!! This is deposited into the large tank, called hopper, with a heavy mesh on top to block larger objects.

The process continues for almost 2 hours and once the tank is full to the level it should, the anchors are lifted and we’re game for one of the most memorable journeys! The ship travels to the outer sea in order to deposit the collected silt there. The entire sea-line of Kochi unveils itself in front of our eyes while we’re on our way! Goshree Bridge that enhanced the connectivity of multiple islands of Kochi with the mainland & International Container Trans-shipment Terminal at Vallarpadam gives us an idea of how Kochi is going to grow! It is big!!! The fishing boats that return after the day’s catch is another fascinating view which even reminds you of a fleet of frigates!

Another spectacular picture on the trip is the natural wonder that that awaits us of a clear-cut demarcation of the shallow & deep sea! You’ll be stunned to see a line that divides these two right in the middle of the sea!!! That is the pinnacle of the voyage!!!

Once the ship reaches the outer sea, the doors on either side of the hopper is opened alternatively to empty the contents. The ship will still be in motion and the whole process of emptying gets over in a matter of minutes and then it returns to the base.

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  1. yet go on a ship..
    planning to go to andaman this summer..
    Hope the plan goes through... :)

  2. It is literally an out-of-the-world experience buddy! :)


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