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For the love of airports

Picture this scene:
Timeline: 1988 - 1998
Wake up call: 2 AM
Time to get ready: 30 minutes
Pick up vehicle arrives: 2:30 AM
Destination: 135 kilometers from home
Task Assigned: Receive guests
Return home: 7:30 AM
For any person who reads this, the above mentioned activity could sound quite mundane. For me this was a far cry from being a boring task. In fact I’d looked forward for days together for this very special day to arrive. I am proud to say that I’d done this multiple times and with each time the interest levels had only gone up!
As strange as this may sound, the scene above was a reference to one of my most favorite days of the year. This was when I would get a chance to go to the airport to receive an uncle and family who used to come visiting once a year from one of the Gulf nations. Needless to say I was thrilled to see my uncle, aunt and cousins after a long gap of one year. The obvious anxiety of the gifts they would’ve brought made the trip even more appealing. But, what made it …