Friday, July 21, 2017

The Martyrs

It must’ve been brutal. There were slashes all over their body. Three of them, all recent recruits. Their white colored skin were all covered red now, with the obvious. A quite promising career ended in the hands of seasoned criminals. Two of them were identified as key suspects, though yet to zero in on the actual murderer.

Their cries must’ve gone unheard with the machinery in operation. It was quite evident that the victims went through extreme torture that’s unwarranted. They were literally holed up in a cylindrical shaped room and were tossed violently all around before they breathed the last.

Everything stopped with the siren going off indicating that its time. Rest of them in the room were quite safe except for minor cuts and bruises. Soon the body of these three were found completely drenched in deep red. They were like withered flowers.  Droopy and dead.

The investigation is still on to figure out the killer. Who will it be? Who will be so heartless to make a pure white kerchief turn blood red while in the washing machine?
Is it the new red leggings of my wife or the bright red shorts of my son?

The mystery remains...

Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Bridge of Happiness

Article for Bethlehem Matrimonial - Jul 2017 

It has been a few years since Alex and Nisha got married. They distinctly remember the big day when they got into a car right after the wedding ceremony which had a board that said ‘Just Married’. The journey had a smooth start but soon they hit some bumpy roads. Nevertheless they decided to continue their travel. Soon enough they got into better roads and as it progressed, they could see some sort of a construction far ahead which was closer to the beach.

It didn’t take too long before they reached the construction site. It was a pretty long bridge that was getting constructed across the sea and was named, ‘Bridge of Happiness’. The most interesting fact about the bridge was that they were allowed to get on to it even when the construction was not complete!

Nisha and Alex went ahead and progressed quite well on the bridge. It was quite a long one indeed and seemed to be never ending. While they progressed on the bridge, they were joined by two kids. After a while on the bridge, the couple got into some sort of an argument. Soon they were into a bitter war of words. Strange enough they both sensed that their fight was affecting the bridge as well since they both thought the bridge was shaking a bit!

As the fight between them got severe they noticed something even more mysterious. It was no longer a feeling, Alex and Nisha both could see the bridge rattling and it only got worse with the intensity of their fight. At the pinnacle of their fight the bridge started to crumble! They realized with gripping fear that the bridge which was built across the sea was soon disappearing under their car!

The moment when Alex felt that he was losing all hope of life, he felt a hand reach out and touch him. It was Nisha who took his palm and said, “Together we live, together we die, either which ways love you lots”. Those words seem to have done some magic around them! The bridge that almost collapsed stopped shaking and they could see the construction getting restarted almost immediately. The Bridge of Happiness was back in action.

What you read till now was obviously a work of fiction. The fact is, reality isn’t that different in our lives. The moment we step into a married life, it is a journey in itself. You’ll have a bag of emotions that you’ll always carry with you. There will be a whole lot of experience that await you in your journey ahead. You’ll have smooth sails as well as bumpy rides. Without even you realizing it, you are investing all of these experiences to form a bridge of happiness in your life. It is on this bridge that you continue your voyage of life.

Each time you have an argument, each time you make your family go through a pain; the bridge shakes. You’ll feel the world around you losing its charm and experience the negative forces rattling the bridge of happiness which you built together with your partner. It is important to be aware that there is no need to lose hope even in the worst of situations you may face in life. It is equally important to know the power of healing you could bring to your life especially to your partner with a simple act of reaching out.

Most of the times when couples have their arguments, one will be more hurt than the other. The same applies when there are challenges in life where one may remain stronger compared to the other. It is obvious that the one that is more hurt or weaker will have to put up with the intense experience similar to a bridge collapsing under the car. The best person in the world to help them come out of that situation is none other than the partner. A simple touch, a comforting word or an understanding look may all be required for them to bounce back and get your life back on track!

Ask this yourself. Can you be that stronger one in your life to get the collapsing bridge back to construction so that life is back on the happiness track? Can you be the hand that extends the healing touch to your partner so that you reclaim your life?

Let the Bridge of Happiness remain under construction for ever in your life! God bless! 

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