Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Game of Trunk

How unusual could names for games be?!! ‘Trunk’ was one such which used to generate so much of vigour, back when games meant more than PS3 and Xbox.

The mode of game was pretty simple, yet was one with a major impact on the players, literally and figuratively. A few stones, a ball and two teams were all that was needed. Those were the times when there was no dearth of getting kids from your neighbourhood to play along. I remember parents asking us to go out and play instead of being glued to the TV sets or video games which were just beginning to become a fad.

Back to the game, two teams will be formed. 7 pieces of stones will be made available. As in the case of any sport where decision making needs to be made, tossing a coin played a major role. The winning team gets to use the ball first. The pieces of stones have to be arranged one on top of the other. Aiming the ball at this stone pile follows. Each team gets three chances to hit the stack failing which the other team gets the turn.

All hell breaks loose as soon as at least one stone gets displaced! A totally irreverent melee follows! The team that played the ball runs for their life all the while looking at an opportunity to put the stack back in order. The most obvious action for the opposite team is to thwart that attempt at any cost.

One of the most exciting and painful sights of the game is to watch the ball fly at the speed of light with one of the poor souls trying to rearrange the pile as its target. Cries fill the air, pain fills the nerves, but the show must go on...

It was a game of exhilaration, sadistic pleasure and fraternity! One that taught team work, all the while reminding that you can achieve anything but of course with some pain!

Salute the good old days!

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  1. We used to call this game seven tiles or gitti phod.. interesting how the same game can have so many names.. :-).. you brought back great memories.. Thanks and Good luck.

  2. Great post !

    Even I played this game 50 years ago ! We called it lagori.... I guess some games are a tradition through the years.

  3. @Obsessivemom: Happy to have taken you to make to memories :)
    @Ugich: Indeed, traditions are surprising most of the times :)

  4. heyy
    arent you talking about 'Lagori'? I think so and yes I remember playing this wonderful games on Sundays and in the summer holidays when half my cricket team went missing and the only playmates available were the girls..LOL
    You'll know wt I mean if u read my post!
    A short but interesting post there!!!

  5. @Vibhuti: Yup, I realized that this came is also known as Lagori :) It indeed is a fantastic game! Let me check out your post.

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