Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Made for Each Other

Article for Bethlehem Matrimonial - Dec 2015

One of the interesting posts I’d seen off late in Facebook was of a guy who got separated from his wife after a short stint of marriage. He was going through all the pictures he posted soon after the marriage. The intention was to find all those who have complimented them with the phrase ‘Made for Each Other’ and he plans to reach out to each one of them and properly give them back!

What would’ve gone wrong with that ‘Made for Each Other’ couple? Why have they now become ‘Not Made for Each Other’? What really makes a couple ‘Made for Each Other’?

This very meaningful tag that is given to even a newly married couple is in fact something couples need to earn. It is not a freebie that should be showered on anyone and everyone. As a couple, together you go through quite a lot of experiences that varies in its emotional, physical and psychological degrees of depths. The end result of all these should be the award given to them stating they are indeed ‘Made for Each Other’.

You start your life as a husband and wife with a clean white board in front of you. The letters and pictures that you draw on this board with each passing day shapes up your coupledom. Every other day has something or other in store for you. You learn what interests your spouse in all matters of life. You understand what makes them happy and also what irritates them. The power of this is so much so that you are blessed with the power to make them happy and also how to irritate them!

All these and more lead to one most important transformation in your life. An insignificant person till yesterday now decorates the most significant position on that whiteboard of your life. The process of learning and unlearning continues with your spouse as you never understand a person completely ever. Just like how each peel of onion opens up to reveal another gradient of color within the layers, the personality traits of your better half get revealed to you one by one. This is a journey of discovery that you will undertake till the time you are together as a couple alive or otherwise.

Six years into our marriage and recently blessed with our second child, my wife and I were planning to return to Dubai post her delivery days in India. Many of our friends and relatives were asking if we have got a maid to help us. We had thought of having a part time maid at least but still didn’t have anyone to help us after reaching back in Dubai. A few days into being the parents of two wonderful kids, we were soon in a state of affairs that we have now become ‘Maid for each other’!

The above incident was shared only to re-iterate one fact. Being ‘Made for Each Other’ means many things in life. There isn’t a specific answer to that question asked earlier; what really makes a couple ‘Made for Each Other’? How you are made for each other may not be the same for another couple. The definitions vary between couples based on their ways of understanding each other.

As you progress with your life together as a couple, the happiness and the hardships you share become more meaningful. The chapters of life when lived together with all its passion and excitement truly make you one for each other. Being able to live together as a couple is a blessing. It is an even bigger boon to live through your differences and find happiness in every other incident in your life, small or big. This is one of the mysteries of being ‘Made for Each Other’.

May you be blessed with the realization of the secret that applies in your life to make you a ‘Made for Each Other’ couple!

God bless you!  


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  2. That was a really nice complement! Thanks David :)


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