Friday, July 2, 2010

The Middle Line

Till the time you start living together under the same roof, you won't know each other that well – A profound statement, isn't it?!

Of course believing is one and experiencing is another.

An interesting irony about being married is that, while the common interests become a pat-on-the-back, the differences may quite well be a slap on the face! Yes, we were no different a couple in matters that could call for a routine change in the way of life.

Ruby loved coffee and I was a hardcore tea guy. I'd tried my luck before wedding itself, with a pseudo-chauvinist act and told her that our home will have no coffee brewing. She being the smarter one, didn't of course commit anything and patiently waited for the day I reduced to my half and she filled the other.

Man! Was I not happy, the first few days, when the aroma of tea filled every corners of our sweet little home? Little did I know that she has a Masters in Ego Massage! It is truly commendable, the way with which the woman of the house brings in some changes in your life and you won't even know it.

Soon the aroma-adorned corners started dwindling. The fragrance of Coorg became a frequent visitor during our mornings. Fortunately evenings were blessed with flavors of Darjeeling*. This of course proved to be an interim peacemaker deal. It didn't take much time for us to realize, these places can't co-exist.

We perhaps required a Middle Line of Control. Thoughts and ideas came and went. The union of geographies seemed a distant reality. Many crusades were launched for Coorg; Darjeeling was never behind in that historical battle. Sparks lit up the skies, Guns were fired and finally the War of Taste Buds came to an end.

We now share a common love for Bournvita :)

* Coorg is known for Coffee & Darjeeling for Tea.


  1. why should there be a middle line?
    You drink your tea and let her drink her coffee!

  2. Adipoli...But I am disappointed that you didn't become a coffee person like I wanted...

  3. do let me know when u r addicted to coffee! :)
    don't think that day is far off! :)

    one GK question -

    name the most powerful 'manthra'(manthram in malayalam) in the world?
    options are -
    A) vishnu sahasranaamam
    B) Rudram
    C) Lalitha sahasranaamam
    D) Thalayanamanthram

    send ur answers to Jerry's mobile no!

  4. Liking your blogs Jerry.Happy they are not hiding in your Diary.

    Continue your adventures...

  5. @Sudhakar: Macha, in married life it does not happen like that always :)|| @Elizabeth: Sorry to disappoint you :P || @Tony: I really doubt if that day will ever come :) || @Bobby: Thank you so much Thampichaya! :)


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