Thursday, February 4, 2010

World of Negatives

Have you ever come across people who can speak only negative about everything? I have and as a matter of fact I'm positively blessed to be with a few of these beings whom I meet every day in my life! I call that a blessing since these are the people who make me realize how simple my life is. Thank God for that.

Cribbing, Complaining, Crying... These are a few terms that could represent this very specific state of mind. Initially when I got to hear these cribs I was genuinely concerned about the well being of these discontented souls. As time proved, this wasn't exactly the outcome of an unhappy mind. It turned out to be an addiction that led to constant and repetitive sessions that in one way of other, I presume, gives a level of satisfaction which anything else could hardly provide.

Empathy gave way to sympathy. My attempts to sympathize with these lesser mortals took various shapes. Advices, sarcasm, anger and what not! The futility of my heart-felt attempts led to sheer pity for these people. Probably what they realize not is the fact that, more you are negative about something the least possible will that look. The reality of negative energy is such that it spreads like an epidemic across the omnipresent neurons. This leads to a situation where every other possible experience of a human mind gets corrupted with these cancerous thoughts!

The worst of all scenarios is when these dear little Children of God not realizing that they are treading a path which after a while will take them to the point of no return. They won't even realize the quick sand of emotional negativity into which they get sucked in. The power of negative thoughts is indeed one of the strongest. It is so easy to be caught in this without even the slightest of the effort. The once innocent psyche gets engulfed into the claws of this fieriest of the beasts world has always faced!

I honestly appeal to all those who realize or otherwise to sit and think. Are you stepping towards the destiny you create for yourself? Learn to live a life where you find the little joys and positive self. Nurture your happiness. It is just like any other living organism. You take care; it'll grow, flower and bear fruits. You feed it with toxic thoughts, die it will, a real painful death. And mind you, it'll take you along with it!!!

Be Positive!


  1. I love this one.

    Cribbing, for me, is a way to let out my frustration, and most of the time I tend to feel better after I've let the devil out :D ... But yeah, I've noticed it spreading fast and wide, and creating all sorts of unintentional negativity.

    The affect we leave on others cant mostly be reversed. Or at least we dont really put an effort to reverse it.
    Its like throwing away the garbage within us and littering the place where its thrown... Maybe we should use more appropriate methods to dispose our garbage.. :D

    Whether our intention is to dispose the garbage or to compete with others to see who's garbage is filthier.., let us try to be considerate about others and responsible for the people we call our friends :)

    Thanks, Jerry, for sharing your thoughts.. At times we dont pay heed to obvious things, and need someone to shout them out aloud.

  2. Most welcome Zara! :) This was an attempt to make myself insulated ;) Happy that you liked it & all the best!


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